About that price model in EVE Trader

Just a few word about the latest release of EVE Trader: I had high hopes for the app. I had envisioned a proper filter system to browse your items and transactions, full integration of industry data to let you calculate the price of your products just from the API data and a few other things.

Unfortunately, as life outside EVE Online demanded its share of my time, it was getting hard just to keep up with the development of the API done by CCP and development of EVE Trader was reduced to integrating the latest data dumps and fixing the worst bugs (although, luckily, the app still seems to run quite stable, at least I'm not hearing many complaints).

By now I haven't really played EVE Online for about two years, except for buying a month or two of game time to setup new market orders, the second kid is on the way, and I don't really see me working on the app in the near future. Therefore I have decided that demanding money for the full feature set, which in my eyes also includes the promise of further development, is not really justified any more (and it's not as if that's paying any bills...), so I made the full feature set free for all, but left the ads in.

This does not mean that I'm abandoning EVE Trader completely, I'll still integrate the data dumps from time to time (they are not mission critical, but still), and if you find a bug that needs fixing I'll look into it.

To everyone who has purchased the in-app donation, send some ISK my way or tapped an ad, I say a heartfelt Thank You! It's been a lot of fun to put this together, I learned a ton about iOS development and every praising mail or mention I got was inspiring!

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