Lights & Switches 1.1.1

Just a quick update, I released a new version that, besides fixing some stability issues, introduces a new way to quickly move controls around - when viewing the details for a control in edit mode, tap the buttons in the top row to move the control to the beginning or end of the active or passive sections.
Also the divider between the active and passive sections can be moved in front or after the currently selected control.
The passive section moves with you from page to page. That means you can put controls on the inactive section (the bottom, colorless part), switch to another page and move the controls back to the active area.
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Lights & Switches - Out Now!

Lights & Switches: 1.0.1 release

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Lights & Switches - Back to Business

I have created a new iOS app that gives me basic control of my Domoticz and Philips Hue installation, like flipping switches, setting values, reading out sensors and other information and viewing cameras.


It's not designed to be the one-and-all controller of all features of each system . You can rather think of it as a universal remote control where you can even arrange the layout of the buttons to your liking.


It's still a bit rough around the edges, but it works well for me and I'd like to invite you to my first public beta test.


Lights & Switches is available in Test Flight:


There is also a Discord available for discussions


I'd be happy if you would give the app a try and let me know what you think.

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EVE Trader Status Update

Dear EVE Trader users,

as you probably have noticed, I have not done any significant development on EVE Trader during the last years. Family life has taken over most of my spare time. I tried to keep the app running as long as possible, but the current EVE Online API access will go offline May 18th 2018, so that's when the EVE Trader app will stop working too. As much as I would like to adapt to the new API, I don't see the opportunity in the near future. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for using my app and supporting its development. It's been a great enjoyment to develop and expand it over the years, and I hope it has been of good use to you. 

Fly safe, as always.