About me

I'm developing apps for the iPhone in my spare time. Here you can find some information about these apps.


'nuff said.

EVE Trader

Market analysis tool for the online game EVE Online.




Just another Remember-Me app - annotate photos with up to two lines of text.




Quick grade calculation tool for the teacher in you!




Data management for Philips Hue.



About that price model in EVE Trader

Just a few word about the latest release of EVE Trader: I had high hopes for the app. I had envisioned a proper filter system to browse your items and transactions, full integration of industry data to let you calculate the price of your products just from the API data and a few other things.

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If Version 2.0 fails to start

Some users have reported that EVE Trader fails to start after updating to version 2.0. This seems to be related to a failure in upgrading the database to the newest version and can be solved with the following steps (until I figure out how to manage it in the app):

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Ongoing development

EVE Trader is currently undergoing major surgery in order to enable the download and display of contract and production data. Please don't hold your breath for the next release, as that might be hazarduous to your health.