EVE Trader

Buy low. Sell High. Make a fortune.

Trading in EVE online is simple. Buy stuff in one place for a few ISK and then sell it for a few more. EVE Trader shows you how much you paid for your trade items, and how much you earned selling them. It also generates reports to get an overview of you daily, weekly or monthly cash flows and the ISK you made.

A user manual used to be available online on this website, but maintaining it in iWeb is such a P-word in the A-word that I rewrote the whole thing and made a PDF from it. Come and get it here.


There's also a page on Facebook dedicated to EVE Trader: Click here to go there


The latest version of EVE Trader is available in the Apple App Store. If you have any comments of suggestions, feel free to send them to dev@justcoding.de.

EVE Trader Status Update

Dear EVE Trader users,

as you probably have noticed, I have not done any significant development on EVE Trader during the last years. Family life has taken over most of my spare time. I tried to keep the app running as long as possible, but the current EVE Online API access will go offline May 18th 2018, so that's when the EVE Trader app will stop working too. As much as I would like to adapt to the new API, I don't see the opportunity in the near future. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for using my app and supporting its development. It's been a great enjoyment to develop and expand it over the years, and I hope it has been of good use to you. 

Fly safe, as always.

About that price model in EVE Trader

Just a few word about the latest release of EVE Trader: I had high hopes for the app. I had envisioned a proper filter system to browse your items and transactions, full integration of industry data to let you calculate the price of your products just from the API data and a few other things.

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If Version 2.0 fails to start

Some users have reported that EVE Trader fails to start after updating to version 2.0. This seems to be related to a failure in upgrading the database to the newest version and can be solved with the following steps (until I figure out how to manage it in the app):

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Ongoing development

EVE Trader is currently undergoing major surgery in order to enable the download and display of contract and production data. Please don't hold your breath for the next release, as that might be hazarduous to your health.

Error message: Cache is invalid

Some users habe experienced the following error:

"Network Error Download error: Cache is invalid"

This message comes directly from the EVE server. I'm afraid there is nothing I can do in the app. The issue is also under discussion on the forums, but the only way around it seems to be to try again later.