Lights & Switches

Controller for home automation systems in a unified interface

Lights and Switches is the new remote for your smart home.

Connect it to your supported home automation system (*), arrange the controls to your liking and quickly flip your switches, view information and turn lights on and off.

With Lights & Switches, you can connect one or more home automation servers (*). You can then arrange each control available in the server (like light switches, dimmers or temperature readouts) by resizing or changing the order of the controls. The controls will always reflow to fill the available space, similar to the icons on your home screen.

Turning a light on or off is as easy as tapping the associated control on screen. For more detailed settings, double-tap a control to access e.g. dimmer settings.

In order to rearrange the controls, long-press anywhere on the screen to go to editing mode. Use a double-tap to switch between moving and resizing controls. Tap-and-hold a control for a moment, then drag to move or resize it. Tap a control to change it's name and see some more information about it. Drag a control in move mode into one of the top corners to create a new page before or after the current page. Swipe to change between pages.

(*) Currently supported:
* Philips Hue
* Domoticz

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Lights & Switches - Out Now!

Lights & Switches: 1.0.1 release

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Lights & Switches - Back to Business

I have created a new iOS app that gives me basic control of my Domoticz and Philips Hue installation, like flipping switches, setting values, reading out sensors and other information and viewing cameras.


It's not designed to be the one-and-all controller of all features of each system . You can rather think of it as a universal remote control where you can even arrange the layout of the buttons to your liking.


It's still a bit rough around the edges, but it works well for me and I'd like to invite you to my first public beta test.


Lights & Switches is available in Test Flight:


There is also a Discord available for discussions


I'd be happy if you would give the app a try and let me know what you think.

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