Data management for philips hue

Philips hue lights are great. They allow you to instantly turn on and off your lights and light predefined light recipies with a tap of a button on your smartphone. Or even automatically. There's no limit.


Unfortunately there also does not seem to be a limit to the number of scenes that the official apps create on your hue bridge. Default scenes and those duplicated during editing make up a big part of that data. Registered users that were created when you tried out that seemingly ultimate hue app that you now no longer use make up a smaller part.


If you want to keep track of the available scenes because you are using a third-party home-automation system (think Domoticz!), it can be annoying to keep track of the scenes that are stored on your hue bridge and select the correct ones.


Enter hueman - the app that connects to your bridge and lists all the stored scenes along with information who created them and when they were last used. Delete unneeded scenes with a quick left-swipe and take control of your hue bridge again!


hueman is out in the app store TODAY! Grab it now! It's free, in an ad-supported way!