Yet Another Remember-Me App

Do you know that feeling when you meet someone that you've met before, but you just cannot recall the name of that person? No, never happened to you? Well, you came to the wrong app then. Byebye, nice of you to have come here.

Oh, but you do? Well, guess what, so do I. Happens quite frequently, actually, especially with people that I see only once every few years or so. Or if they belong to a different ethnic group than me, who all kinda look alike.


And then, not so long ago, the idea for a remembering-app sprang to my mind. And instead of quickly browsing the app store to find a suitable solution (or, thank you for THAT idea, just snap a picture with the build in camera), I wanted to create my very own Remember-Me app, so I could just whip out my iPhone, snap away and note down a name to go with the picture. Heck, it's not as if I had anything else to do with my time...


So endless weeks of long night shifts later, my very own Remember-Me app is finally ready, so you can enjoy it too. You're still here reading this, so I guess you are still interested. If you haven't done so already, why not head over to the app store and grab a copy:


YARMA on the Apple app store

Using the app is quite straight forward. When opening it, you'll see a camera window and a "Remember Me" button. Point the camera at someone interesting (or something shiny - it's not just to remember people), press the orange button and you'll be presented with the image you just took and a text field, where you can enter a name and a description. Enter some information at will (neither field is really necessary, but not writing anything kind of defeats the purpose of the app), using the Return key on the keyboard to advance to the next field.


When you are done, you'll have the option to either save the image or make a contact in the address book. Saving the image saves a copy of the image with your text imprinted on the bottom in your camera roll. Making a contact creates an address book entry with the picture and texts you entered and takes you to your address book, where you can either save the information as a new contact or add it to an existing one. And if you don't like the image at all, just tap the &X& in the lower left corner to discard it.


And that's all. There's a little settings button on the main screen, to the left over the camera window, where you can set the default flash setting (ON, OFF or remember the LAST state), and you can turn the flash on or off manually with the little light icon on the right over the camera window.

Ok, now, that's really all. If that was too much information, please enjoy the little YouTube video I made (more countless hours spent all alone on my desk):

Oh, and there's one last thing: I talked a lot about the Remember-Me app above, but of course that name was already taken. Many times. And it doesn't really fit beneath the icon on the iPhone home screen, so the app became Yet Another Remember-Me App.