ezGrade / ezGrade+

Grade calculation made easy

Are you a teacher? Do you frequently find yourself grading tests and calculating which score should result in which grade?

Then ezGrade+ is the app for YOU!

ezGrade+ takes all that calculation hassle off your mind and quickly tells you what grade corresponds to which score. Enter a score, read the grade off the display of your iPhone, proceed to next student, easy as that.

ezGrade+ is highly configurable - not only can you choose one of three distinct ways how to distribute the scores over the available grades (evenly spaced, passing and failing grades, percentage table), you can even create and configure the grades to your own liking if the supplied grade schemes don\'t suit your system.

If you have any questions or feedback, please send an email to dev (at) justcoding.de. Or you can visit the Facebook page for ezGrade and ezGrade+ and post a question there.

You can download ezGrade or the more powerful ezGrade+ (which has the added benefit of being ad-free) from the Apple App Store: